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Experiencing the enhanced simple, proven, trusted accounting software
"Accounting software to take your business to the next level"
UBS nine plus is built on what is proven and trusted. It comes with the features you are familiar more. This product redefines the way you work with enhanced usability and reporting while its unique capabilities are designed to maximize your investment in Sage products.
Enhanced Usability
Now you can have unlimited sets of automatic document numbers for all your different business transactions. Segmentize your sales orders according to customer, market, business unit or time. The product also offers a solution to businesses with multi-currency transactions which comes with automatic computation of forex exchange gain/loss at the point of payment and allows easy tracking of these transactions in the general ledger.
Reporting Flexibility
An influx of business transactions can sometimes make it difficult to see "the forests from the trees," therefore our new product offers Analytical Accounting that allows for flexible and comprehensive expense analysis, without having to tweak or design a cumbersome chart of accounts. It is a detailed analysis with less effort.
When analytical codes are tagged to journal entries it allows finance managers and departments to view the breakdown or grouping of transactions up to 5 levels, without having to do any extra account coding. These analytical codes can also be added "on-the-fly" as and when you need them.
If your business consists of a lot of projects, a project code can be assigned to transactions to track revenue and expense items, instantly providing you with a project profit and loss statement. The project code can even be assigned to each invoice line to provide for very comprehensive reporting. In addition, an integrated reporting tool is available for easier customization of reports to suit your requirements.
Mobile. Your office is anywhere you are.
An online update facility ensures that your software is up to date with just a simple mouse click. With internet access, you will receive a notice when software updates are available. Just click to accept the updates and new features will be downloaded and installed automatically. No more manual software updates.
It is easy to get started
Our current migration wizard takes both posted and up-posted transactions from your current UBS software, cleans and then loads them into the new database and application. The same tool is also ready to accept data from any other systems in a worksheet format.
Choice of real-time or batch posting
The product offers you a choice of real-time of batch posting. Immediately access up-to-date information or get more control over what is posted into the financial books. Batch posting also allows you to generate reports incorporating un-posted transactions, helping you to decide which batches should be posted or should be amended. Your choice, full control.
Work wherever you may be
Bring your license with you when you are working out of the office. With a virtual dongle, you can tap all the benefits and avoid the potential replacement costs of a damaged or lost dongle. Now with data back-up capability, you can add transactions to your data back-up when outside of the office and synchronize it with your servers when you are back.
You can now add sales invoices on your Sage UBS mobile plus iPhone application and then synchronize the transactions back to your office server.
Secure your information assets
As your business grows, and more users share access to your company database, data security and managing access to confidential information becomes an important consideration. Our product addresses this with a more robust database manager and a more granular and comprehensive user security system together with a comprehensive audit trail. The audit trail will track all transactions and changes made by the users, and will ensure the integrity of your information assets.
Technology is the enabler and great equalizer
We help small business become more competitive by harnessing technology that delliver features and facilities that only larger business can afford to implement. By building on proven products and working with established collaboration partners, and extending our software, we help you reduce costs and achieve results you may not have seen before.