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Start your business one invoice at a time
Time is money
"As an entreprenuer, generating new business is what excites you and keeps your business thriving."
Time saved by doing mundane but necessary chores faster leaves you with more time to generate sales and service for your customers. This can mean being able to invoice them quickly, efficiently, saving precious time.
All invoice information is filed in a proper database, allowing for quick access to pricing, items and model numbers from past transactions; that help you respond quickly to your customers.
At times, having the information at your fingertips can be the difference between a healthy profit or a lost deal.
As you focus on building the business, there is little time to balance the books. Neither is there a need for an administrative or accounts clerk; that is why you outsource such work to your accountant.
As any budding tycoon knows, business grows when you find a customer in need of your product or services. When you can fill that need and collect the invoiced sales, you are free to focus on the next project from the same customer, or from a new customer.
Cashflow is the lifeblood for a small business.
Being able to invoice quickly, tabulate purchases for your trade supplies and keep a running total of your cash position keeps your business humming along. This allows you to fund your revenue generating programme.
Mobile. Your office is anywhere you are.
You have your business information all on your trusted netbook. You want to be able to conduct business wherever you may be. When you are away from your office, you may want to acess your information from your iPhone app.
Your protection. Your future growth.
When your business grows, you want to know that your data will be protected because you can easily trade in your license for an upgrade that offers more features and functions that are catered for bigger companies. You know that you can trust Sage to continue providing small businesses with the tools and facilities for you to compete with more established competitors.